Basic A/B Testing plots and stats with R

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Have you used Google Analytics Content Experiments?

I’ve been using it lately and the most useful thing is that all data are integrated into the API to do what you want to do except for the standard reports. So, you can get them into your favorite data analysis tool and get more things done. In the following I simulate an example for an e-commerce site, so I am interested in checking the next (among others)

  • did the proposed variation increased the Funnel entrances?
  • did the feature uplift the Average Order Value (AOV) ?
  • did the conversion rate (sales wise) improved?

We can easily accomplish this using the Google Analytics API and R. We have found a way to get data off Google Analytics using R previously  (see : Google Analytics + R = FUN!)


The code that gets the above chart into a presentation of yours is hosted over at GitHub. We source the multiplot.r file in order to be able to add multiple plot of the ggplot kind within a loop (see this)

initiate_RGoogleAnalytics.r First commit
multiplot.r First commit
plot_experiments_across_profiles.r First commit


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