Going mobile…

If you’re going mobile this year (hell yeah!) you gonna need some more things to go measurable on this way. Some resources that you will need…

  • Are you mobile ready? A Custom Report by Avinash | http://goo.gl/XbDTN
  • How does your site look mobile? GoMo by Google | http://www.howtogomo.com/
  • Set a separate mobile profile of your Google Analytics tracking. This is new! Create a new profile and add an inclusion filter. You will find in the Include option of the Custom Filter a logical (ie Yes or No)¬†Filter Field named Mobile visitors? Add “Yes” in the value and you are ready. You will be suprised how different mobile visitors can act on your site after you set goals, respective funnels etc. Check the funnel!

PS 1 : If you insist on using Chrome you will find handy the Goal Copy add-on. If using Firefox (like me) then the lunametrics solution is here.

PS 2 : The title is from Who’s Next, the fifth studio album by The Who released in August 1971.