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One of most useful but rarely accomplished to integrate data into your Web Analytics tool is demographic data (in this case the tool is Google Analytics). There are a lot of approach, but it turns out that there is one that could be in front of your eyes from the very beginning…

The data provider

We will get data from Google Display Network, so we will need a campaign running on the GDN. If you don’t know how to set-up one it’s pretty straightforward, just set your ad campaign to “Display Network only” or “Search & Display Networks – All features.”

Add demographic targeting to an ad group

Now, that you have a campaign set you can add an Audience to run on. There are more than one type of Audiences as you can see in the AdWords help. We are interested in utilising the Demorgaphic option, so we will create an Ad Group to specifically serve us with traffic by age group. I will copy-paste the AdWords instructions below

  1. Select the ad group to which you’d like to add demographic categories.
  2. Click the +Change display targeting button. Click Age to update your demographic targeting by age. <div>

    Change display targeting button

  3. In the “Age” section, click Edit.
  4. Select an option below:
    • All ages
    • Specific ages
      • 18-24
      • 25-34
      • 35-44
      • 45-54
      • 55-64
      • 65 or more
      • Unknown

    Demographic categories for age

  5. Click Done.
  6. Click Save when you’ve finished updating all of your targeting settings.

After this, we have an Ad Group to start with.Now, the tricky part; you need a budget… ;x

Spot data in Google Analytics

Where can you find the data in Google Analytics? It is likely that you have noticed that the GDN campaigns sent out to Google Analytics information in the Keyword dimension such as

1. (remarketing/content targeting)
2. (content targeting)
3. (not set)
4. (category matching)

Obviously these are not keywords….Now among these you will find keywords that are exactly the Age Groups that you selected to add to your Ad Group targeting. To check that you can use the following Regex filter in the Keyword report of AdWords et voila!

 Keyword Visits  Contribution
1. 25to34 2,328 36.61%
2. 18to24 1,728 27.17%
3. 35to44 1,395 21.94%
4. 45to54 908 14.28%

Segment and slice at will

Obviously the above is only of descriptive value, the true thing starts when you apply this as a segment (remember segmentation provides insight) or apply a segment to this report. Imagine how insightful this will be when you are testing a new feature that you thing that will change the way that the visitors interact with your website or engaging with your upper conversion funnel steps. I would be happy to have a budget set for traffic of this structure to evaluate my landing pages….

PS: A similar approach using Facebook PPC data is outlined in the post Segment Google Analytics data by age and gender by Junta Sekimori

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